Sunday, January 25, 2009


So I have a stupid Cold!! I HATE COLDS!! I HATE BEING SICK and I Hate that I need to get some things done and I Have a stupid cold! Hopefully this day will be toward the last of it! Anyway, last night Dan and I got to see "Australia". The Baz Luhrman "epic". That would just about sum up my evaluation of the movie except on the whole I liked the movie. It reminded me of the Disney movie The Castaway Cowboy.

I had read a reviewer who said there was no chemistry between Hugh Jackman and Nichole Kidman. I have to agree that at least on screen the chemistry was not there. Perhaps its Hugh Jackman's love of smoking large cigars... I know that would do it for me.

I have to say that I enjoyed the movie more than my husband did. He left about a half hour before it was over. I found the movie to be a bit to ambitious I think. It seemed to me it was trying to tell a love story, a n epic version of Australian history, a story of racial tensions, and a drama about good versus evil. The problem was, the movie overlapped each of these stories instead of piecing them together seemlessly. It was kind of lackidazical. And consequently was not a total joy to watch. So I give it a shot in the dark. Not great but not totally sucky either.

The movie Australia hits Whidbey Island.

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