Saturday, January 24, 2009

Ok..As A Parent I have to say this is RIDICULOUS!!

Giant Teddy Bear

Teddy Bear Rescue Goes Horribly Wrong Yahoo News from SunnyChanel

Kids, they sometimes freak out. And they are apt to lose it even more when their favorite stuffed animal, blankie or binky goes AWOL. If you’ve ever dealt with a misplacement of a beloved lost security item, you know all too well the emotional onslaught that can occur. But has your child’s lost item led to an emergency response rescue? It did for one Glendale family.

According to a local television news report, a ten-year-old boy from Southern California had a major temper tantrum and threw his teddy bear over a guard rail. To try to retrieve the stuffed animal, his mother climbed over the rail and a slid 80 feet down a 300 foot hillside. When the boy’s father tried to save his wife, he too became stuck due to the very slippery nature of the post rain surface.

The boy ran to a neighbor’s house and called 911. Using ropes, a team of firefighters was able to rescue the parents, who sustained no injures. The 300 foot hillside dropped right onto a busy roadway, so they were way lucky they only fell the 80 feet.

But sadly, the teddy bear was not along those rescued, but a neighbor came with a replacement bear for the boy. Hopefully bear tossing won’t be part of any future tantrums.

Have you ever had to risk life or limb to retrieve your child’s treasures?

Okay so who in their right mind would do this? This boy is 10 years old... A TEMPER TANTRUM??? I am sorry, but if my 10 year old "anything", threw a temper tantrum that involved litter flying from the car... The consequences would be, they would deal with whatever it was, being lost forever... NO REPLACEMENT! As a matter of fact,( after seeing that video) the 10 year old might have found himself learning to climb!!! or Fly for that matter!! MY GOD!! Ten years old, and the parents let him have another teddy bear, to replace the one that was thrown out of the car, during his temper tantrum!!! Time for the whole family to grow up! Hopefully the bill from the fire department will help them do that!!!

Teddys on Whidbey Island.

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