Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Comic Tuesday


On time this week - I'm actually posting this well in advance, because I know how important Comic Tuesday is to so many of you. You can show your appreciation in the comments, please.

Pibgorn is Brooke McEldowney's (9 Chickweed Lane) other comic. Set in what seems to be a parallel fantasy world, Pibgorn is fantastic in every sense of the world. There is some cross-over into the 9 Chickweed Lane world, which makes things interesting. Pibgorn Interview

Pibgorn has been around for about 6 years, less than half the time of 9 Chickweed Lane, and is carried by gocomics.com, rather than comics.com. Same crappy ad-heavy interface, with limited archives. Ah well, Pibgorn is still well worth a look, it's where Brooke unleashes his most creative art.

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