Thursday, September 25, 2008

Changes coming to Rockhoppers

Rockhoppers is looking for some good people. Next month Rockhoppers will be building on it's projects. We are looking for people who might be interested in running small groups. Specifically, Rockhoppers would like to start a singles group and we are looking for a manager to work with Rene to schedule events that singles would be interested in do in small groups. These events cover everything from art openings to music events to theater to hiking, biking or rollerskating.... and anything in between. Rockhoppers is looking for someone who could work with Rene. Rene is married and does not feel she would be a good person to run the group and is looking for a single person with an outgoing personality who loves to meet new people and might have an hour or two for planning every week. If you are interested in this please e-mail or call Rockhoppers.

Rockhoppers is also looking for a music manager who would like to host our open mics. We are considering changing the dates and time for the open mics because of lack of participation on our Friday night open mics. Just let us know if this is something you might be interested in.

Rockhoppers is getting ready to teach classes this fall in textile art and painting as well as holding a class in blogging and hosting an opportunity for our community to share their opinions on government and local issues through a "voice stew". This will be an open air time to talk and share ideas and opinions. There will be more on this later.

Rockhoppers will be working on several different ideas for the upcoming months and we are interested in anyone who might like to volunteer for these events. If you are interested in this please give us a call. We are still very interested in hosting a radio show that is a variety show involving radio theater, music, interviews and other fun things. Please if you are interested in this idea stop by and see us and we will explore the possibilities.

Don't forget that Rockhoppers serves breakfasts, and lunch now and on Saturdays where we have music we also offer a wonderful dinner. We also offer wine and beer now so if you have an evening out and want a place to come sit and converse... Rockhoppers is your place.

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