Friday, September 26, 2008

Artist's Studio Tour

This weekend is the whidbey Artists Studio Tour.I had planned on going tomorrow (the first day of the tour) but Dan has pneumonia and will not be up to covering the shop. It is my hope he will feel up to it on Sunday so I can go then. Anyway, check out the site. There are 77 artists on the tour and that is about 1/4 of the artists that reside on the island.

This tour is one of the best events that occur on this island. Mary and I have traveled all over this island and seen over 70 of the artists studios. None of these studios have been duplicated and we expect when we tour the studios this weekend they will again be all knew studios. I myself, am looking for textile artists who may want to participate in a fashion show this January or February. I will also be looking for artists that may want to show their pieces here at Rockhoppers. We love going to explore the artists works.

Rockhoppers will be open for breakfast and lunch tomorrow during the tour and we are hoping that everyone who wants to go check out the studios will charge up here at the shop. We hope you will be among those studio tour partakers.

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