Monday, August 11, 2008

Fawns & Dogs

Bucky on the Sofa

Two stories today of fawns being adopted by dogs. The first is from Deep Creek Times, and is simply a couple pictures of a bemused beagle and a cheeky fawn (named Bucky) sharing the sofa. Bam Bam on the Lawn

The second story is from England, where a whole kennel of fox hounds has adopted a stray fawn (named Bam Bam) as one of the pack. "Rather than being overwhelmed by the attention of such a large pack of dogs, ... the confused little fawn thought he'd found his family... 'Now Bam Bam thinks he's a Fox Hound because they all treat him like one of their own."

Why do I think neither of these stories will have a happy ending, particularly the last one? Ah well. Cute pictures, anyway.

Found at Neatorama and Nothing to do with Arbroath

Fawns on Whidbey Island.

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Anonymous said...

Ruban Wahl (from Wahl Road)raised a fawn years ago. "Wesser" spent time in Ruban's house, (slept by the fire?) Latter Wesser moved to the Deer lake area. You didn't dare turn your back and bend over, as Wesser would butt you. He had the cigarette habit, he eat them. He made it several hunting seasons with a red sash around his neck. Some townny did him in.

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