Monday, August 11, 2008

Our 29th anniversary

So this weekend has been kind of a busy personal weekend for us and some really wonderful things happened to help us celebrate our 29th anniversary. First we didn't have any music on Saturday so we closed the shop early (first Saturday in ages that we weren't working) and we spent the afternoon and evening with our family! both our boys were there... David with Helen and Dan and Mollye and Chet and Lela and Kimi Jones with Draven and Owen. It was wonderful to sit in the middle of this awesome group of young men and women and just BE..... It was such a terrific moment to see Chet and David wrestle... It brought back moments with my dad and my grandmother when we wrestled as children with them. They were wonderful memories of family that has long since passed away. In a weird way I felt family of all generations surrounding me and sitting at the table with me and it was a delight!

Mollye is all prepared to host Thanksgiving Dinner this year with the Wood family and ours and her parents (hopefully). It should be a truly wonderful holiday. Mary is ready for Christmas and if Helen's family comes for Christmas it could really be a terrific Christmas as well. Sooooo.... Bring on the holidays!! Of course Rene will do the Day after Christmas dinner...I think turkey and ham this year and a vegetarian dinner as well. No clue yet on what that will be but it will be awesome!

Then Sunday Mary and Randy and Becky (one of Mary's sisters) and her husband Judson (first time on the island and they thought it was somewhat chilly... They are from Arizona) came to visit and we went to China City for dinner. It was a great treat since I haven't been there in forever. It was a wonderful dinner spent laughing and talking and I truly enjoyed the evening. But then Mary and Randy were there and well... I always enjoy their company. I truly missed them Saturday evening but they were off having some fun. Mary will be blogging on her vacation in a few days...after company leaves.

Well, I need to go and cook now so I will post again later. Take care and have a great week.

Summer on Whidbey Island.

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Anonymous said...

It's Becky! (although I do have a sister named Jan as well!)

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