Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Comic Tuesday

Wandering Ones Banner

Wandering Ones is set in the Pacific Northwest of the future, and is a blend of intrigue, Indian lore, science fiction, and martial arts. The author, Clint Hollingsworth, pens several web comics, of which Wandering Ones is my favorite. Wandering Ones Banner

Clint started the comic back in 2000, and updates several times a week, so there's a huge archive. There's also a forum, and a lot of extras on the site. Clint loves nature, and often heads out into the wild, reporting on his visit. He also includes a lot of tracking and scout learning in his comics. Ravenwing

Wandering Ones has held my interest for years. The simple drawing style is very expressive, and the storyline is compelling. If you like, I recommend starting at the first comic in the series. Enjoy! Wandering Ones Banner

Wandering on Whidbey Island.

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