Tuesday, March 11, 2008

The Savages Savaged my Mood

Here's the blurb used by The Clyde for 'The Savages':

Oscar nominees Laura Linney and Philip Seymour Hoffman play squabbling siblings who must band together to deal with their aging father in this drama with funny bits.

The problem is, those supposed funny bits aren't all that funny, and are pretty few and far between. This movie, while well acted -- no, suberbly acted -- is unremittingly depressing, and too real for comfort. The film also takes every opportunity to portray nursing homes in a negative light, without regard to the reality of the improved conditions at these facilities in recent years. The worst possible stereotypes are used, and add to the overall depressing feel of the film.

I don't think this film should be billed as entertainment. It's truly a feel-bad film, and shouldn't be watched -- by anyone. A shame, really, because Laura Linney does a particularly excellent job. If you feel you must see the film, wait until a sunny day, and don't listen to country music for a week or so.

This one earns our lowest rating, which I almost never give, Why Bother?

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