Thursday, March 13, 2008

I Mowed a Snake in My Yard

A couple years ago, I began mowing a 'snake' shape in our yard. Google Earth recently updated their aerial photography for our area, and the snake is now visible.

The 'snake' winds through some apple trees, and has become a kind of mini wildlife habitat. We have pheasant, deer, and other animals living and visiting on a regular basis. I was originally going to go with geometric shapes, but settled on the 'snake' as it was easier to mow.

Update: Microsoft's mapping site,, has a Bird's Eye View feature. I got some other pictures of the snake from there.

Snakes on Whidbey Island.


David said...

They finally took a new picture. Cool. It needs a little more detail though. Maybe it would've been better if they had taken the picture when the grass was green.

Dan said...

The grass is green (Over the septic tank).

Anonymous said...

No, I think that's probably your drain field that's green!!
But the snake looks really great!!

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