Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Rockhoppers menu

So this has been an interesting few weeks. Preparing for something as simple as serving a few breakfasts and lunches (March 1) and then getting ready for wine and beer (hopefully April) has made for a lot of planning and work!! So here is a copy of the menu we will be offering. This has a HUGE learning curve attached for me so if you come in in the next month or so and things aren't exactly perfect...Please be patient! It will get much better. In the mean time... I WILL BE ATTEMPTING PERFECTION... (in whatever form it may come in!)

Now if you have never heard of a Hopper Flopper let me explain that this is a Rockhopper version of a "Big Dutch Baby".

These are the best! They come hot out of the oven and can be covered with anything. My preference is blueberries and powdered sugar or strawberries and powdered sugar.

So come by the shop and enjoy our new food and spend some time socializing with new people you have not met before.

Serving food on Whidbey Island.

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Mollye said...

I am excited to try one of those oven pancakes. Your son just raves about them but of coarse has no clue how to make one. Do you make them in a cast iron skillet?

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