Sunday, February 3, 2008

Improv Everywhere

Improv Everywhere is a prank group in New York City. They organize semi-spontaneous events throughout the city. Probably most famous for their annual no-pants subway rides, other notable pranks include:

Best Gig Ever! The Improv Everywhere group picked a random band playing a small gig in the city, and packed the house with obsessed fans. The band and the 'fans' had a great time.

The Moebius. A five-minute skit in a coffeehouse, that loops back upon itself, repeating for a full hour. This was quite complex, but really interesting.

Best Buy. Improv Everywhere filled a Best Buy store with people wearing shirts and pants just like the store employees.

The list goes on and on, but what really caught my attention was their latest prank. Over 200 people froze in place at Grand Central Station for a full five minutes. To say that people were creeped out is an understatement. Watch the video, then head over to Improv Everywhere for the full story.

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