Sunday, February 3, 2008


Ok, so I started this coffeehouse and yes it was supposed to be an art gallery too. Oh and by the way it should have live music if we can find it. Well what do you sell in the coffeehouse? Well, coffee, Italian sodas, tea, muffins, scones, and goodies. Anything else? No not at this time. We really want to concentrate on the art aspect.

One year later, well we have totally changed the look and feel of Rockhoppers and it is starting to really look great. We might want to add ice cream to sell and well there have been some people who want more things to drink.. we could add juice. We need to concentrate on blended drinks and tea lattes too. Experimentation. Summer went great and we added Saturday and Sunday breakfast (very limited menu.. egg strata and fruit and a muffin....hopperfloppers, fruit and juice or coffee... coffeecake, eggs and bacon). Did well with breakfast till November then it kind of fizzled out. Decided to put it on hold until I was better equipped to serve breakfast.

Now we are into the third year!! And Rockhoppers is again evolving. Beginning in March we will be doing a whole new menu with grab and go sandwiches, nachos, potato bar, two different kinds of homemade soups, breakfast buffet on Sat and Sun mornings, and special evening meals throughout the month. We will also be having a lunch buffet for seniors on select days of the month as well. So all this cooking means changing our shop some. So yesterday we moved furniture! A lot of furniture. To be specific, three refrigerators, a freezer, a display case, a prep table, ice maker, convection oven, several small tables, a counter, 4 sofas, 10 chairs, several tables, my books, our games and we hauled garbage and cleaned out the storage cabinet! I am sure there is more that I am forgetting but if there is it is unimportant!! Rest assured I did not do this by myself but with the help of some VERY DEAR FRIENDS who I honor here: Shawn Doyle, Mary Wood and Randy Wood and of course my WONDERFUL HUSBAND Dan who has danced with me for 28 years now. (He will know what that refers to.)

There is still a bunch more work that needs done here if I am going to do everything I said I was in my earlier blog. However, I thought I would send you some pics of the changes and where I could I put a before picture so you could see the difference.

Our first picture is the before view of the front of the shop. There are tables and windows which are not pictured here.

This is the same space after we moved our games to the bookshelf behind the chairs and moved our books to a new bookshelf to make them more visible.

This is a picture of our newly changed space with our newly painted display case for baked goods

Before picture

Same space after the changes

Our new bookshelf

My wonderful husband waiting on a customer and a view of our cleaned up user friendly kitchen.. FINALLY!

Rockhoppers evolving on Whidbey Island.

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arlene said...

This looks like such a fun I would totally be at home in. What a wonderful thing for you and your husband to be happy working together...I think that is great!

I hope all your changes bring lots of great things in the New Year!

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