Saturday, February 2, 2008

February has begun....

isn't it amazing how when February starts around you start feeling a little more energetic? I actually jump the gun a little here on the island because spring fever usually did not start for me till March.. but February is generally when it starts hitting me here. The days are starting to get longer and we are getting busier in the shop. With the renovation it is keeping us a little busier so consequently there has been fewer blogs. Sorry about that. We will be done with the renovation soon so we will be back up to snuff soon.

A little bit of a story (actually more of an antedote)about my oldest son. Shortly after he was born (he was about 3 months old) Dan and I took Dan Adam to see my mom and dad. It was Christmas and my sister and brother had not seen the baby yet. We took the plane but in order to get an inexpensive flight we had to take the red eye. Dan Adam was perched quietly in my husbands lap while we both fell asleep. about an hour into the flight I woke up to find to strangers bending over our seat and making strange noises. They noticed that Dan and I were asleep and the baby had woken up and they were trying to keep him quiet while we napped. If I were frightened of strangers this would have been a startling thing to wake up to. As it was it was just funny. Turns out this couple was on their way to see their grandchildren for Christmas. They were a very nice couple and I find myself thinking of them now and again.

When we got to mom and dads house my mother was in a dither about where to put the baby. She didnt want him to fall off the bed onto the floor and a dresser drawer was just not right so she had purchased a play pen for him to sleep in. The idea was that the baby could sleep in a different room and we could get a descent nights sleep and the dogs would not bother the baby because he was in his play pen. We put Dan Adam to bed that night and when I woke up the next morning I discovered that the play pen posed no problem for my brothers dog. In fact she had hopped into the play pen so quietly that the baby never even noticed. When I found them she was sleeping wrapped around my son and she had the gall to actually growl at me when I went to get my son! It was so funny I ran and told my mother who was mortified that the dog had slept with the baby! The next night we put the side down so she could get in and out easier. Dan Adam slept through the night each night we were there and we finally got a good night sleep. The first good night sleep we had had since my son was born! These pictures remind me of this trip to my moms. They were sent to me by my daughter. The pictures were actually taken from fun pic's website. I highly recommend you visit it.

Children and animals and life in general on Whidbey Island.

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ms. kitty said...

Great pictures, Rene! It was good to see you the other day. Hope the new plans at R'Hoppers turn out beautifully. See you again at SEKK on the 19th.

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