Sunday, October 7, 2007

Do You Ever Wonder... Did I Hear That Right?

I just found a wonderful sight that was built and misheard lyrics of songs. It's called Am I Right? I just spent a short amount of time reviewing some of the lyrics that people think they hear and I have to admit it is rather funny. It also reminds me of choir practice with Mr. Evans who was absolutely adamant that our Annunciations were done well!

So this has been kind of a busy week. As you may have noticed we did not have any classes on the web this week. I am sorry about that. I actually had no students show up. I am kind of hesitant to put the classes on the web until they have been posted a few weeks because the SW Parks and Rec who I am working with on this has specific dates for the classes but they also require a small tuition which to me means the student that pays for the classes should be receiving all the classes not just picking up where we left off the week before. I will keep you posted on my upcoming classes and web casting them but at least for the next week, it is on hold.

For those of you that are local... Rockhoppers is getting ready to host a Fall Festival. The last Saturday of this month we will be doing Halloween music, carving pumpkins, apple bobbing and more... We are hoping to do a haunted house as well and some wonderful spooky storytelling. This event is for the entire family, young and old and we are really excited to be doing it with the St.Peters Lutheran Church located just a half a block away. This will be a really fun event and we are hoping that the community will come out and enjoy it. Look for more on this event within the next week.

Rockhoppers will be putting up new art again this week and we are really excited to be displaying art that is so on the fringe. I will let you know who the artist is and more about her work later on this week. Rockhoppers will also be welcoming Steve Jordan and Ed Newkirk this coming Saturday as they fill our shop with some of their wonderful music. It's a little like Gordon Lightfoot with some rock and some country sound thrown in. You really need to check out these wonderful musicians at 7:00PM.

Music of all kinds is here on Whidbey Island.

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