Saturday, October 6, 2007

The Female view on a love story! Oh my! Wonder what she'll say!

So last Thursday I persuaded my wonderful hubby to go see a romance. We went to see Feast of Love What a wonderful movie! It was a tear jerker, and yet it had warmth, consideration and a little compassion all mixed in together. I loved this movie! What I got when I left the movie was this feeling that some of the things that occur in the movie have happened in our shop and it made me feel as though the writer and I were on the same page. Of course the things that happen in Jitters (Actually in real life it is The Fresh Pot in Portland Or.) don't exactly happen here, but there is enough serendipity here that if they haven't happened here yet it doesn't mean they won't. Except for the wife leaving Kenear for another woman... ain't gonna happen..! 28 years of marriage I am content and still in love...!

What can I say I am a romantic at heart. Hey, I was talking to a customer the other day (A single male, ladies, who is in his early fifties..)and we were kicking around ideas and I was mentioning that there are a lot of people on this island looking for companionship and I was wondering... What do you think of a single's group at Rockhoppers? I was thinking in the line of the "Singles Adventure" group in Seattle. Let me know if you think this might be a nice idea. I was thinking about doing this just as the person who gets groups of single people together to go to a variety of outings. I would schedule them and make sure that the tickets get purchased etc. and do sign up lists and take care of all the arranging and you singles would gather at Rockhoppers to pick up all pertinent tickets and arrangement materials and go on a great night out as a group with similar interests. It's up to you to pair up or not once the arrangements are made. I would just provide a social outing for people to meet up and appreciate together. What do you think?

Well back to the movie.. I guess all said and done.. I will buy this movie when it comes out on DVD and I encourage everyone to go and enjoy it. It is a love story... don't dissect it or expect it to alter your life.. just relax and enjoy it like a good cup of coffee. It is a single shot for this girl! and well that is pretty darn enjoyable.

Single life here on Whidbey.

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ms. kitty said...

Hey, Rene, I think a singles outing group might be kind of fun!

And I had such a nice time today at Rockhoppers with my two gentlemen friends. Two sweet guys who both live at Sandy Hook, both UUs, never met till I asked one of them to contact the other. And it looks like the friendship might bring them both some enjoyment. I hope so, anyhow. We'll be back---they enjoyed Rockhoppers too!

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