Saturday, September 1, 2007

We are live (Sorta)

Rockhoppers is going live with a live cam feed when we have entertainment. For those of you who checked in last night for the open mic, you got to see how much fun we can really have on our Fridays. If you were one of the few who got the tour of our new art... (inadvertently)I apologize. I was on the phone to my son and daughter in law in Florida and we were showing them the new art and my commissioned piece. So Dan was kinda free wheeling the cam around and I understand from Mollye that watching it and not being prepared for it is a great way to get vertigo. We are having fun with it and hope to have a permanent mounting for it next week. Look for other changes as well since we will be adding a second camera at our house. I won't tell you what we are doing with it but I think you will like it.

Live Cams on Whidbey Island

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Gloria Kohler said...

Hi Renee and Dan,
Island life really doesn't seem complete without my regular stops at your "home away from home" both for you and Dan but for us folks as well. Carl and I are planning to make the RH a staple part of our time in Clinton (at our businesses). See you soon. This blog is great!

Hey folks, if you haven't sampled Renee and Dan's yummy treats and community building hospitality I heartily recommend that you do so.

Gloria & Carl

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