Thursday, August 30, 2007

Rockhoppers has been hopping this week!

Well it is turning to fall and it is time for changes so Rockhoppers is a Changin' (sorta) We welcomed three new artists into the gallery this week and their work is now on display. Pam Sanders is our featured artist this month with some wonderful bright and imaginative pieces. Pam is a very eclectic artist who has been creating since high school. She began with drawing and painting and has evolved into "anything goes". A detail from this one:

Pam first began showing her hand sculpted polymer clay dolls and still incorporates polymer clay into her mixed media collages. Her work is best described as abstract expressionism. Myth, ancient cultures and fantasy novels are her inspirations. Pam's mixed medial collages are made with hand painted papers, and bold bright color and texture are used to create depth. Her work is fascinating and I really encourage you to come check it out since she will only be showing her till October 1st.

The next artist is an artist that was showing at Coupeville and I have to say I thought this woman's art was so incredible that I begged her to come show here at Rockhoppers. Have you ever seen someone paint on feathers? Julie Thompson is the owner and artist in residence at FeatherLady Studio.She has some remarkable work and I am really excited to be able to show it. Here's a detail of one of her pieces. They are all framed in glass, so it's difficult to get a picture without the reflections interfering.

Our third artist is Julie Fry. Julie does not have a website so you will just have to come in and see her work at Rockhoppers. Julie makes wall hangings by burning polyester. (As one of my customers said "it's the only thing polyester is good for".) The technique is fairly simple but the outcomes are not. You simply lay pieces of polyester over other pieces and then sew them together and burn down through the layers with a soldering iron. It is recommended to do this outside or using a respirator since polyester is nasty when burned and very toxic. This is a wonderful technique though for making different material and it looks awesome when it is done by Julie. We found Julie at Best of the Northwest art show in Magnuson park and it is an honor to have her work here at the shop as well. A detail of her work.

So these are the new artists who's work we are showing and I really do think you will be amazed when you see the difference they make. Come check it out for yourselves. Talk at ya soon.

New Art displayed at Rockhoppers on Whidbey Island.

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