Monday, September 3, 2007


Last night we finally went to see Stardust. We've wanted to see it since it came out, but just haven't found time for it until last night. We realized that we had better go now, or wait for the DVD, and this one looked like it would be best served by a big theatre screen.

The movie was really wonderful. Very beautiful, well acted, nice story, and competently edited. I heartily recommend it, and I'm sure that the DVD will be in our library as soon as it's available. It's billed as a date movie, but I think there's something there for any lover of fantasy.

I was right about seeing Stardust in a theatre, unfortunatly we picked the wrong theatre. We didn't want to traverse the giant ferry line to go over town, so we went up to the theatre in Anacortes. Mistake. The snacks were mediocre, in fact I could barely eat the popcorn -- too salty. The theatre itself was small, and oddly layed out, wider than deep, and the film was skewed on the screen. There was a light shining on the lower right of the screen throughout the movie, and the red exit light was lighting up the other side. I just can't recommend this theatre. Stay away! But go find Stardust, before it is gone. It's worth seeing.

This one's a Single Shot, but the DVD could well be worth a double.

Stardust magic on Whidbey Island.

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