Saturday, July 28, 2007

So it's 8:00AM and where is everyone?

So here I am, all ready for everyone to come get breakfast, having gotten up at 5:00AM to cook the said breakfast... and no one is here. It's a really good breakfast too... YOUR loss. Maybe next Saturday...

It has been a quiet week. I spent some time painting. I mentioned before that I got a commission and I have been really working on in. Kit who is the woman who commissioned it will be in next week to see what I have done and then I can get the piece finished. I want to work on my small settee soon too. I have the pillows and everything and am ready to do some real work on it.. then I have a few lamps etc. I want to do as well. So I have plenty to keep me busy. Add that to the idea that next month I want to start trading out my artist and get new pieces in here and well things should be getting really busy soon.

I think that come September 1 we will start serving breakfast on Saturdays and Sunday mornings. We will change our hours to Friday through Tuesday with our hours being 10am to 10pm during weekdays. Saturday we will be open 7:00am to 10:00PM and Sunday we will be open 10:00pm to 4:00pm. It kind of makes the hours a little more complicated but honestly after a year and a half I can only remember one Wednesday that I earned a decent amount and one Thursday that the amount was worth coming in for. They are our worst days!

I am looking for a radio producer interested in doing a radio show from my coffeehouse. I want to explore this possibility and have someone who may be interested in do this with me. If we do this it could put a whole new spin on our open mic on Fridays!

I also am talking with the landlady about finally doing the artificial front for the shop to increase our visibility. I am excited about this happening although it probably wont until sometime this fall. Still... anything that will increase my visibility is a welcome thing! If I can hang on long enough!!!

It's a wonderful sunny day here on Whidbey Island.


ms. kitty said...

I'm in Portland getting ready to do a wedding. Sorry I'm not at Rockhoppers---maybe next Saturday!

ms. kitty said...

Guess we'll have to change SEKK to a different day so you can have your Wednesdays open.

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