Friday, July 27, 2007

Paris, je t'aime

We went to the Clyde Theater again last Thursday night. We closed up the shop early (6:30!), and headed off to see a movie about Love in Paris, Paris, je t'aime.

The movie consisted of 18 short movies, each by a different director. The vignettes were themed on Love in or of Paris, and each corresponded to a different section of the city. I've got to say, that as lovely as the movie was, it certainly didn't make me want to visit Paris.

I enjoyed all the vignettes, but really liked the one directed by the Coen Brothers with Steve Buscemi, and the one directed by Tom Twyker with Natalie Portman. Tom Twyker wrote and directed "Run, Lola, Run", another great movie.

I give this one a Single Shot. Some of the vignettes are better than others, some worse. They're all worth seeing.

A FEMALE's perspective... I liked this movie and agree with Dan.. It is worth a single shot. It was fun to see Elija Wood have fun making a somewhat spoof on his role as Frodo, and I loved the mime vignette. I enjoyed several of the other vignettes as well and the one where the woman is mourning the loss of her son was very tragic.(I cried!) I felt that the cowboy should have been Sam Elliott.. (mostly because he just plain SENDS me...) I loved the line, "NO now you see me." In it's context in the movie it was almost as romantic as "You complete me." All in all it was a good movie. I agree with one shot.

Love on Whidbey Island is better than in Paris.

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