Thursday, July 26, 2007

For Movie Lovers

At the Hollywood Stock Exchange you can buy shares of your favorite actors and new movies. Based on the success of their career, and the success of the movies, values rise and fall. Values can soar with a blockbuster, and plummet with a bomb that no one goes to see.

Insider trading is encouraged, so you can use entertainment news, insider info, Rockhopper reviews, and anything else that you think will help you make buys. They give you about $1,000,000 to start with, and as you build up your portfolio, you can trade shares for prizes. Of course, the 'prizes' are paid for via shipping and handling, and mainly consist of Hollywood Stock Exchange branded crap.

Still, it's fun to play the market, risk free, and it's probably good practice for playing the real stock exchange. All the Puts, Calls, Derivatives, Funds, and other standard stock exchange tricks are in there.

Sign up Here. Be sure and use my username: danalan, as your referrer. Thanks, and see you at the movies!

Hollywood comes to Whidbey Island all the time.

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