Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Another female view of yet another male movie

Dan and I got to spend the evening Sunday watching Ocean's thirteen. I have to say that I was very reluctant to go see this movie. I am so tired of sequals! It is with reluctance that I admit I actually enjoyed this movie! Ok not as much as Dan but it made me laugh and I enjoyed that I got to laugh more than once or twice.

I love buddy movies and watching this show you can tell that these guys actually like each other in real life. They hang out together and share stories and well they are really buddies. It is a fun thing to see people enjoying each other's company.

This is not going to be a huge review. Just suffice it to say that the movie will be out on video soon and I recommend getting it and watching it. It is a fun movie and worth a shot in the dark

We do love movies on Whidbey Island

We went to the movies on Whidbey Island

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