Tuesday, July 24, 2007

The Book!! The Ultimate Book!! Harry Potter!!

OK I admit I read the last pages of all my books before even getting to involved in the beginning. Harry Potter was no different and actually I found myself even enjoying the book more. However, in this review, I promise I will Not give a spoiler so that those of you who haven't read the book yet will still enjoy it.

I am not even going to really tell you the plot to much. you can find that in any one of 1500 places on the net already so why put it here. Let me just say that this book was awesome! It was action packed the entire way through the book and Rowling started killing off people in the first chapter and continued throughout the book. Now I am not that blood thirsty that I would enjoy having people killed off but it did make you stay on the edge of the seat wondering who gets killed.

I applaud JK Rowlings in her effort to make war a little more real. You can't have a war and not expect people you know to be totally unaffected by it or killed in it. That just is not realistic. To teach children this is a great lesson and maybe if we taught it more then our youth might learn other ways of handling disagreements and problems then by war. Who said that if we went to war with butcher knives and swords and had to look our enemy in the eye when they died, we might be a lot less inclined to look to war to solve our problems?

So anyway, I loved this book. My advise is "Do NOT start reading it unless you have a whole day with nothing to do." Once you start reading it you will not want to stop till you are done. Now my only regret is that I am finished reading it and I want something to replace the excitement and anticipation that came with this book and with the movie.

I recommend this series of books to everyone with a little imagination and adventure in their soul. It is a fun imaginative and eventful series and is sure to teach young children all the joys to be had from reading.

I read Harry Potter on Whidbey Island.

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