Monday, July 23, 2007

On Cappuccinos

If you don't know what a good cappuccino tastes like, you're missing a real treat. A cappuccino is very dense, fine foam (micro-foam), with an espresso shot. Throughout history, cappuccino's have been very small, usually around 6 ounces total, and that includes the espresso shot.

If you go to "Giant coffee chain that will not be named", you will find cappuccino's on their menu, but the smallest they tout is 12 ounces, a Tall. They claim that their customers prefer a Venti, or 20 ounce, cappuccino. All this is detailed in a nice article in Slate magazine, here. You can get a short capp there, but only if you ask for it specially.

At Rockhoppers, if you ask for a cappuccino, we will assume you mean a short, no more than 8 ounces. We also make our cap's very dry, with no milk, only foam. This is the way cappuccino's are meant to be made. If you look like you might not know what you want, or if you ask for a 'Venti' capp, we will explain the deal with capps to you. If you insist, we will make you a 'Venti' cappuccino, but what you are really getting is a latte with extra foam.

We really try not to be coffee snobs here, but we know good coffee from bad coffee, and we want our customers to have good coffee.

Better cappuccinos on Whidbey Island at Rockhoppers Coffeehouse and Folk Art Gallery in Clinton.

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