Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Mahjong anyone?

Hi every. Well it is getting a bit busy here at Rockhopper Central. First of all I promised I would put this question out there in the blog. We had a customer come in who is really interested in putting together a MahJong group. If you are interested would you please contact Rockhoppers so we can forward your name and info to her?

Next, for all of you out there who are small business owners in Clinton, The Clinton Chamber is holding a "meet and Greet" at the Dan Porter Park in Clinton.If you own a small business or are self employed please consider coming to the park and meeting with Chamber members to discuss how we can help you in your business.

If you are a democrat or are interested in joining a moveon.org community group we are starting one here on Whidbey island. There will be a once a month meeting here at Rockhoppers and there will be occasionally events to participate in. For more information please (once again) notify me and i will pass on the information.

Starting in July, we will be hosting a 2nd Saturday and 4th Saturday breakfast at Rockhoppers. If you are interested in joining us for breakfast please RSVP. I have 20 openings. That is it so you will need reservations for these breakfasts.

Finally, we will be doing our theater troupe. It will begin this Thursday at 5:00PM. We have 5 of us that are interested and we can accept three or four more people for this group. We are hoping that we will have 10 people who would like to do this. We will be doing Shakespeare, Balzac and a few other playwrights works but we will be adding improv and doing a variety of character bits. This group should be a lot of fun and I truly am excited about it. I love the idea of a group of friends getting together to do regular shows. My goal is to have a dinner theater at Rockhoppers one time a month. This will be a small group (20 max) and then after a small performance from the troupe. There wont be stage lights, a stage or wardrobe and any sets will be very minimal. So if you want to try acting and just have some fun please join us as we become the Rockhopper Moppets.

Life is busy here at Rockhoppers on Whidbey Island.

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