Thursday, June 21, 2007

My new Project

So I was over at Good Cheer 2 (our local thrift store) and low and behold I find an incredible love seat. You know the worst part about finding some of these things is that you get to love the pieces and then if someone buys them you feel kind of sad because in your heart you think... hmmm... if this place does not make it... I want that piece in my home... This is one of those pieces. This love seat Rocks.. Like a real rocking chair and I love that. It is also turning out to be one of my favorite pieces that I have painted! Anyway, whoever owned it covered it with something (I think it was a cleaner) and it stinks... so I have been trying to air it out and hoping that as I paint it it will clean up and so far that is working. Please do not judge the finished piece by what the original was like since it will have been cleaned painted and it will be as perfect as I can get it without starting completely from scratch. Anyway, this piece is turning out gorgeous! I am so excited but I need to show you the original piece. I rarely do this but I did take a before picture. So here is before...

I will take a picture of it after it is all painted and I really think it will go fast. Anyway, that is my project. In the meantime I have a very talented young lady who is displaying her art. Her name is Juliana Bennett Nolan. Julianna painted the following pictures at the age of 9 and as you can see she shows exceptional talent for such a young woman. The following pictures are hers. To find out more about her work please contact me and I will forward the information to her and her representative.

Come to Rockhoppers on Whidbey Island for the finest folk art.

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