Thursday, May 10, 2007

Thursday? What year is this?

So the last week has been kind of schizophrenic for me. I have been taking Zyrtec for my allergies (if it is alive I am allergic to it) and trying to boost up my immune system with vitamins and exercise. Well, last week my insurance carrier decided that I really didnt need Zyrtec, that Claridin would suffice and they would not need to cover the Zyrtec without getting preauthorization. So we started the process whereby my doc explains to the pharmacy that Rene has been on Zyrtec for over 5 years now and that Claridin did absolutely nothing for her when she did try it so preauthorize the meds *#*#it! I ran out of zyrtec and well the pharmacy is still waiting for the preauthorization.... so I have been taking Benedryl at night so I dont itch myself right out of my skin. I have been so snowed that yesterday I literally had to ask Dan the year.. I could not remember my son's best friend's name... although I could remember my son's name just fine.. I swear I have felt like I was operating in a fog.. It is awful. Anyway, I am finally back on my Zyrtec and actually could walk today although I got really breathless I didnt cough and my skin feels like it belongs on my body again.

So I get up this morning to go walking and I step out the door and hear this horn going.. It is coming from the direction of the cars (our cars). This concerns me so I go over to the cars and it sounds like it is coming from our buick. I run in and yell at Dan to go unhook the battery of the Buick because it's horn is going. He goes out to the car and checks and it isnt the Buick its the town emergency horn! I swear it sounded like the car. It even got louder when I opened the door... What on earth? This to shall pass but I have to admit it was a bizarre way to get up.

So I decided to paint my chairs to look like a mosaic. I have the pattern and everthing sorta worked out but I wanted to show you the pics of before. As you can see with the one.. I have already started painting. So these are before and in a few days I will show you after. Right now I gotta go paint. Talk at ya soon.

Life on Whidbey Island is wonderful but one can get overwhelmed.

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