Monday, May 14, 2007

This week in a nutshell...

How was everyone's Mother's Day? Mine was wonderful. It was quiet and I got to go see my Best friend sing in the community chorus. It was a wonderful event.

Our Saturday night with Clem Floyd as the entertainer was truly wonderful. I misprinted the time for Clem's performance and everyone came to hear him an hour early. So we sat around waiting for him to get here and entertain and in the meantime we had an incredible discussion. How fun to hear a group of people who did not know each other share their experiences and stories about places they lived and things they did. It was such a nice hour and when clem did arrive he was reluctant to break it up because he said we sounded like a group of friends who had known each other for a long time. Mary spoke up and said "no only for about an hour now" and everyone laughed. Clem was joined by a few of his friends and after his set we had an impromptu jam session and everyone seemed to really have a nice time.To find out how Clem sounds look him up on prior videos on this site. Because he is a regular, we did not tape him on this performance.

This week promises to be an incredible week. We have several treats in store for you on Wednesday night. This event is being billed as Captain Whimsy's Comedy and Folk hour. This week we have several artists.. Paul Harding woh is a jazz poet that has recorded with Robbie Coltrain and did the 911 album with Joe McPhee. His a jazz poet with a huge reputation and is one of the favorites of the Seattle Poetry jam scene. Click on his name to catch him in action. He will be joined by Eddie Reed who sings the peoples music and by Chris Highland who will read from some of his works. The Irreverend DaDa will be hosting this event. For those of you that enjoy the spoken word come join in the fun beginning with open mic at 7:00PM followed by our own Captain Whimsy's Comedy and folk hour beginning at 8:00PM.

Thursday evening has not panned out as well as it should lately. South Whidbey Parks and Rec sponsored a acting class that will be held at Rockhoppers. This class is to help create a theater troupe of amateur actors who will just have fun creating shows comprised of classical writing with improv to help update the show. We are looking for people who just want to laugh and create something that others will enjoy. We are calling out troupe Rockhoppers Moppets and hope for a group of 5 to 10 people to do this with. We have a leader "L" Nolen who has extensive background in theater and we are ready to roll. If you are interested in this class, please call and we will put you on our roster. You may call the Park and Rec dept or Rockhoppers. We need at least 5 people to make this work so please think about it and come join us for a fun evening.

Last Friday our open mic was a bust. No one showed up and we ended up closing at 9:00PM. We love our open Mic as it is fun to see what hidden talents are out there. Come in for our Open Mic and show us your hidden talent.

Saturday we have two guys who are incredible entertainers. Chaz Glass and Ed Newkirk. Both have been here at Rockhoppers before but they have never played together for us. Chaz has a lot of country, Ed has a lot of everything and together they promise an evening of Country, folk, blues, and some rockabilly. Come join in the fun at Rockhoppers starting at 7:00PM

Rockhoppers will be open on Sunday for 4 hours beginning at 11:00AM. We will be welcoming Shawn Snyder to entertain us. Shawn joined us last year and was an incredible entertainer. He comes from Florida and was visiting a friend but then because he was here, decided to come to the coffeehouse and play for us. If you dont want to miss a really really great time with an extraordinary talent, please come check out Shawn at 12:00PM next Sunday. Rockhoppers will serve soup and hors d'oeuvre's for this event.

We have awesome musicians on Whidbey Island

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