Tuesday, May 15, 2007


We were talking about animals today. We came up with some links to animal videos, check those out later in the post.

We own a vicious dog. You can see Dixie in Rene's picture over on the right column. Do you see her? She looks like this:

She's cute as a button, and she only weighs 6 pounds, but she's the most dangerous animal we've ever owned. She bites! She basically hates everyone but Rene and me, and she's not so sure about Rene. :)

We got her from the Happypaws Farm no-kill shelter in Arlington. Any other shelter would have put Dixie down. She bit everyone who came to adopt her. She bit us, too, but we just thought that showed character and spunk.

We picked her up in our Pontiac Fiero, a great car by the way, but a two-seater with no back seat. She didn't like that at all! She huddled on the center console as far away from us as possible, and snarled whenever we got too close.

We were hungry, so we stopped at the A&W in Anacortes on the way home. Dixie got all kinds of interested at that point, and we ended up hand-feeding her a hamburger. She's loved us ever since.

For some reason we ran into several horse videos today. Here's a couple dancing horses:

Dancing Horse #1

Dancing Horse #2

its an animals paradise on Whidbey Island

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