Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Clinton Days Wrap up

Ok so in case you didnt know.. We have been REALLY Busy! Clinton Days was a huge success coming from the standpoint of a very small committee who often felt as though they were dragging a dead horse around. Our music in the park was exceptional. Our breakfasts were great, our memorial service had a lot of people present, our dinner was good and most of the businesses that were open this last weekend for our event, said it went really well. The progressive association did remarkably well in their dance and dinner and everyone seemed to truly enjoy themselves. So it was a huge success. As for Rockhoppers... NO I am not going to do breakfasts!!! I have not got the wherewithall or the stamina to do that every weekend. I am considering one breakfast a month during summer months. However at this point that is simply considering it is not a firm commitment. There are a few things we will be doing different next year. Number one... we will have hand painted banners for the events. We are talking about boating events that will draw people to the beach park. We will advertise earlier and broader and we will be starting to plan for next years event in June. Our first meeting will be on the last Tuesday of June at 7:00PM.If you would like to help with planning for next year please come to the meeting. As for pictures... Here are a few taken at Rockhoppers and I will try to get others from some of those who took pics at the other events.

Dancing at Rockhoppers on Whidbey Island

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