Tuesday, April 10, 2007

It's Tax time

So I finally got all my work done (thanks to kimi who does the bookwork) and now I am getting my taxes done (again thanks to Kimi who is doing the taxes). Let's just say that my first year in business was not good!! Not Good at all!! The good news is that I will probably get all the taxes back that we paid in my husbands pay but... it still will only amount to about 1/3 the loss we incurred last year! NOT GOOD!! So if Rockhoppers plans on staying alive business has got to improve this year and sooner rather than later! I love my customers alot! However, there are some out there who seem to think that Rockhoppers can keep their door open by just allowing you to be here. I dont get paid that way. I know this is a really comfortable place to be and I love having you here thats why I made it this way but.. I have to pay rent, electicity etc. to keep my doors open and well.. I need those who enjoy this space to help pay for the space by purchasing items here. You would not take a picnic lunch to a local restaraunt and sit down with it and eat it and not purchase something there would you? We cannot as a business survive without you purchasing our products. It is really just that simple. So Now I am done ranting.. It just gets me sometimes and well I just have problems telling people who abuse this space that I need them to pay for it! Anyway, I am excited.. Tonight I am hosting the Move ON Virtual Townhall meeting at Rockhoppers. I have 16 people signed up so far. Plus I have a Clinton Days committee meeting as well. It should be a great night for Rockhoppers. I should have a fair sized group in here. I love it when the house fills up. Oh, this is for everyone,If you want to make a comment then please do.. I moderate them so they do not get displayed until after I ok them for publishing. The lost blog I had got invaded by viagra and cialis ads and then this girl got on and left a message for me to swap blogs with and left the link in the message. I clicked on it and got a porno sight. Blah! I decided that I would moderate the comments and then publish the ones that are from my blog friends. So go ahead and post a comment. I promise I will see it. Thanks.

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