Monday, April 9, 2007


If it's Monday, there's a good chance I'm traveling. Today I flew to Denver. I was on an Alaska Airlines flight, and we were 1 hour late taking off. They had to replace a seat belt, and a light bulb. That's right, a seat belt, and a light bulb. 144 people lost an hour because of that. We were at the North terminal, so the mechanic had to: 1) come to the north terminal to find out what was wrong; 2) go get the part (new seat belt); 3) put in the seat belt; 4) go get the part (light bulb); 5) put in the light bulb; 6) document everything. Step 6 took the most time. So I'm in Denver until Friday, then I get to fly home. Once more, into the breach! :)

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