Monday, April 9, 2007

The Last Mimsy

Well, Dan beat me to it this week. Hope your Easter Sunday was terrific. Ours was very nice. We had a lovely day Saturday when we hosted the Rockhoppers Chess Club Simul Chess tournament. We had 8 players to play the master and had an additional 7 or 8 people watching the games. It was really fun! I am not a great chess player (as a matter of fact I kinda stink at it) since I really dont strategize very well. But it was fun to see everyone play and although we had two that gave the master a run for his money... no one beat him. We would like to hold another one this summer and hopefully get some kids from the high school on board as well. I truly enjoy this group of guys. They are going to the high school and middle school and teaching kids there how to play during school lunch time on Wednesdays. The last time they played they had about 20 kids playing at each school. So on Sunday Dan and I went to see "the Last Mimsy". It was a cute show but obviously written for kids with a subplot that appeared to be intended for adults. Now understand I am one of those adults who loves to suspend reality and let a story happen. I love fantasy, mystery, childrens stories etc. and I love a good story. One of my faves is Darby O'Gill and the little people. However, this movie although having some funny scenes in it just sat wrong. I hated the ending! It was to wrapped up and while it took the whole movie to explain everything it ended the movie in less than 5 minutes. It was something I think kids might be able to forgive but not an adult. (I really hope that Harry Potter's series ends better.. no matter what the ending.) So it is with a small amount of dissappointment that I have to give this movie a drip rating for adults.. and a shot in the dark for kids. I have to agree with Dan that you would do better (if you want to see this movie) to catch it on video. Well, I guess that is all for now. It's tax time so I will probably write later just as an excuse to not work on my taxes!

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