Saturday, August 21, 2010

Oh... The Memories!

I love fairs! I have always loved fairs. I loved our little fair most of all. 30 years ago, I came to the fair in Langley and saw The Parton Sisters. Dolly Parton was supposed to be here but could not make it. It was an AWESOME concert and the sisters were terrific. The fair was full of art.. Quilts everywhere, art everywhere and crafts everywhere. There was so much! I actually felt I could spend weeks there and not see all the art and crafts! Today? Not so much.... The number of quilts are down, the number of crafts are down and the numbers are down all over the fair. It is sad but where the numbers are down... the music and the extra events arent.

There were people on stilts doing wonderful adlib stunts, people on flying carpets, magicians and more walking the paths and entertaining people on the fly. There were some terrific shows, great music, and the loggers were entertaining too.

This year we thoroughly enjoyed the fair and their antics. For this year it was a great show... We enjoyed the fair and the music and the exhibits. So if you get an opportunity, come check out the Island County Fair and join in the fun!

Island County Fair on Whidbey Island.

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