Sunday, August 22, 2010

Horse Games and such

When I was a young teen (12-13) years old, I spent a lot of time around horses and the horse world. Usually the time was spent at horse shows but it was also rodeos. My father was a professional photographer and he specialized in pictures of horses and their owners. This was mostly a hobby that turned into something that added to the family income. He mostly took pictures of horses in the Inland Empire but then he also took pictures of hunting dogs during field trials and pictures of his family. Dad did not do portraits and he was not real wild about taking landscapes. I enjoy those and any skill I have taking those I like to think came from my dad.

Anyway, when I ended up at horse shows it was usually because the family was there. Mom helped dad by taking down names,finding addresses and phone numbers and that type of thing and Shan and Dean were either in the shows or enjoyed watching them. I was left to my own devices. I didn't show horses..(It was incredibly boring.) So I explored the countryside where the shows were held and listened to the music on the overhead and when the photos were finished dad let me come into the printing room to watch how they were developed and processed. He would explain about the quality of the shot, how to enhance the subject, how to create the right photo back drop, and alot about what was wrong with several shots. I enjoyed this time with dad. He loved the processing of the films. I often wondered if he didnt like that more than the taking of the pics.

I found that over the years the shows have gotten a little more interesting. I enjoy seeing a beautiful horse and I really enjoy the horse games. This last Friday while we were at the fair I got to see some of the games. I took pictures and hope they will give dad some pleasure. They were taken in his memory when all the memories of long ago came flooding home this weekend.

Island County Fair on Whidbey Island.

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