Friday, July 30, 2010

Whidbey Knows Music!

Last night Dan and I went to enjoy some sun, outdoors, and music and then some friends (on a smaller scale). First we went to the Langley Community Park located by the South Whidbey High School. This was the location for the South Whidbey Parks and Recreation Concert in the Park series, first concert. We were entertained by the group Groove Edition.

Here are some pics of the concert and hopefully we will see everyone on the upcoming shows in August. Here is a list of the upcoming shows: Thursday August 5 will be Camano Cadillac Band (Country Western), August 12 will be the Halyards Duo (folk music) and on August 26 Raucous (Classic Rock) will be playing.

At 7:30PM we went to Maurlees in Langley. Maurlees is a great little restraunt in Langley that makes the best hamburgers! They also host a folk music jam session every Thursday evening. This group is comprised of old friends and new and they allow people like me to sing along with them! For an Idea of how I sing.. I was asked what key I sing in.. I replied "all of them on each and every song!" but I do love to sing! anyway this group plays everything from obscure folk songs to sing a long songs and everything in between. Last night we got to massacre "If I Were a Rich Man" from Fiddler on the Roof! Come join us on Thursday evenings at Maurlees. Next week we do songs with the word Lazy in the title. Hmm..Up a lazy River seems a little to mundane...How about "The Devil Aint Lazy"? Think of any others? Let me know.

Music in the park at Whidbey Island.

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