Thursday, July 29, 2010

Finally a New Address

Well we have had our time! We bought our house over 8 years ago. Our house was built in 1931 and of course our driveway was also built during that time. About two years ago the lot next to us was purchased by very "Entitled" man who decided that our driveway (which bisected his property) was an inconvienence. He first introduced himself by walking up to our door and shaking hands with my husband then stating his name and saying that "I guess I will be taking your driveway away tomorrow." Now either this was a poor choice of wording or whatever but to make things short... We hired a lawyer who felt we could probably keep our driveway considering it was eminent domain...DUH!! but then $5000 later, the state stepped in and said they would close our driveway anyway because we had an easement of "Mr. Entitled's" property. He had to make his easement a driveway for us and just like that we were out a driveway.

It took a year to get the grime out of our mouths from dealing with this and I guess you can tell this is kind of a sore subject for us to this day! However, we finally have a new address and now we have a new address sign post! This is the good part of this post and I have to admit I rather like the post and had a lot of fun making it. My grandson helped me paint it and my wonderful hubby designed it. As with all things in my life, my very best friend/sister and her hubby Randy helped us dig the hole and bury the post. So here is the end result.

new addy on Whidbey Island.

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