Friday, January 8, 2010

Photoblog Friday

Excellent photoblog today, and this one often could double as a Comic Tuesday entry. Golden Age Comic Book Stories has a series of themed posts, and each is an exhaustive look at that theme. Recent themes include the art of Gustav Klimt, John William Waterhouse, Aubrey Beardsley's illustrations for Le Morte d'Arthur, Alphonse Mucha's illustrations for Ilsee, Princesse de Tripoli, N. C. Wyeth, The 1994 Tolkein Calendar, and editorial headings by Winsor McCay.

Going back further, you'll find everything from Little Lulu comics to pin back buttons, and lots more. Definitely a treasure-trove, like a musty antique and junk store right in your living room. Enjoy!

Treasure from Whidbey Island.

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