Wednesday, January 6, 2010

My Creative Christmas Solution

So it is only four days into my resolution and already I have fallen behind! I do have an excuse (sorta). I had my grandson yesterday and well a four year old does not take "just a minute, grandma needs to do her blog!" as an excuse to ignore him. And I have to apologize, I have not come up with a creative way to have him help with my blog yet.... Give me time! Jeez!

On my last blog I told you that I had a Christmas problem. The problem is not big but typical of the reason I tend to think a little creatively. My grandparents died many years ago and I inherited alot of china and glassware from them. Among the pieces I inherited were pieces of two separate Nativity scenes. Both of these sets were from the 40's or 50's and you can find sets somewhat like them in antique stores or thrift stores all over. I am relatively certain it is grandchildren getting rid of grandparents glassware that they inherited. I however value these pieces even though they are mismatched and even though they are flaking off some of their paint. I looked for replacements and could not find any I liked as much or that would mean as much to me so after some contemplation I decided to paint them over myself.

One of the problems with living creatively is that everything you think of seems to be a piece of cake! In other words... most things look to you like they will only take a day at the most and they end up taking many..many...many days and at times costing you a huge amount of money! Remind me of my bathroom wall some day!

Well I have been working on these pieces for two weeks prior to Christmas and am spending the rest of this afternoon working on them again. Actually it is Joseph that will get my attention this afternoon. As you can see, Mary, the shepherd, the sheep, a dog and one other king all need worked on. I should be done sometime before Christmas of 2010. Anyway, I promised pics and here they are. Keep in mind that the pieces I have worked on do not have glazes yet so technically they are not finished yet and the mattes on them look rather flat. I will post final pics when I am done or next Christmas whichever comes first!

Creative Solutions on Whidbey Island.

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Dan said...

I notice that the background is vaguely purple, and so are some of the colors.

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