Friday, July 17, 2009

Where Do I Go From Here?

So it has been a while since I posted and mostly I have been busy spinning my wheels. So many people want to know what I am going to do next and I just tell them that the plan is to clean the house that has been neglected for 3 1/2 years and paint a garage that is peeling... Isn't that enough for the immediate? But I guess not because most people who have asked cannot accept that answer so here is some of what I am thinking of doing...

When I say that I am taking care of my house I mean that three and a half years ago I got about three fourths of the way done with a bathroom remodel. I need to finish it. My kitchen is in sad need of a remodel as well and no I don't believe in paying someone to do what I can do myself so I will be painting it and putting down new counters and painting and fixing my cabinets and sometime in that time because it is fall... I really plan on doing some canning although I may end up doing that at my girl's house since she has said she would like to do some too.

Did I mention my garage? Well, I want to paint my house and the garage but since time is not going to allow both, the house will wait till next spring. The garage however is shedding it's current coat of paint like a cat sheds its fur and I desperately need to get it prepped, and primed and painted before the fall rains begin.

Ok so that is not enough then how is this? Next month Dan and I celebrate our 30th wedding anniversary and we are taking a week and going on a road trip! I want to visit the Oregon Trail but we may choose the Oregon coast since we haven't been there before. Add to that the Island County Fair and well it makes for a pretty full month.

I have four screens that I am painting and several canvasses. I also have several necklaces that I am currently working on. I plan on giving several pieces away for gifts this year. I am also considering entering some craft shows next year. At this point it is just a thought and not one I am really working actively on. I have several designs spinning around in my head and well we will see if I can at least get them on paper.

Still not enough? Add a silly idea about being an agent that represents some of my musicians and a few of my artists, doing house parties and events out of our house and off our porch, putting in a new driveway and landscaping, cleaning out our three bay shed and getting rid of all the junk in it so we can do events in the shed when the weather gets bad and well......

Should that not be enough then the topper and most important time consuming thing I plan on doing (other than spending time with my husband) is taking care of two very special young kids (my grandkids) and spending time with friends and family. Those of you have gotten to know me know that there is not a huge amount of difference between friends and family for me so that means I will be serving a lot of coffees and teas but they will be at Ferry Folks home not at the Rockhopper. So expect invites but please do not feel you have to wait for them to come visit me at home.

plans on Whidbey Island.

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