Friday, July 17, 2009

Photoblog Friday

F-18 passes an apartment building in Detroit

I don't often post photoblogs that need captions, but this one is too great to miss, and the captions are important. X Planes is about aviation, and has fantastic, rare and unknown photos of actual and imagined planes. Enjoy!

On Feb 2nd, 1970, a Convair F-106 Delta Dagger was found in a snow-covered Montana field, pilot-less, landing gear up, and with the engine still running - the melting snow causing the aircraft to slowly move forward. The pilot - Captain Gary Faust - had earlier ejected from the aircraft at 15,000 feet when it entered a flat spin. Amazingly, the un-piloted aircraft then recovered, to make a gentle “belly-up” landing.

The Besler Steam-powered aircraft, 1933

Burgess-Dunne AH-7 seaplane. Flying just over the water off Pensacola, Florida, in March 1916. USS Columbia (Cruiser # 12) is anchored in the right background.

Hot Planes on Whidbey Island.

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