Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Altered Books and Spring Projects

Well, last year I began working on an altered book (actually I started two but I have only finished one of them). So here I am finally done with the one. Here are some pics of it and I will explain what it is about.

About three years ago I started trying to identify my belief system. Evaluate what it was I actually believed in and why and to be able to explain it to myself as well as anyone else who came along. This is a very tough thing to do. I was raised Catholic but have parted ways with Catholicism a long time ago. We raised the boys as Unitarians and while I love their faith I often find myself feeling something is lacking for my spiritual fulfillment. So I sat down and began exploring. The first thing that came to my mind was "Would You Know The Face of God?" This came about because of an ad I came across in the yellow pages advertising a good "Christian" business. Sorry, I follow my father's advice when it comes to getting to trust people. "It is not in the telling but the showing!"

So I found myself painting a wooden screen. The title of course was "Would You Know The Face of God?" I am proud to say it is displayed at the youth groups room at Oak Harbor Lutheran Church. This was a huge task for me. Primarily because it was serious and I don't do serious well.

Then I found myself altering a small Gideon Bible and well the theme continued. I have included several poems and some of my own writing in this book and now find after putting my soul on these pages that I cannot let it go. So for now it is sitting out where people can view it and eventually I will take it home and display it at home. Here is a copy of one of the pieces I put in the book.

Okay, So I am not exploring religion so much as evaluating what it is I believe. Although I don't have it quite figured out yet.. This book was fun to do and helped me work through some much needed ideas and "me" time.

Exploring Spirituality on Whidbey Island.

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