Monday, February 23, 2009

Things are starting to Hop for Spring at Rockhoppers

First let me apologize for not having recordings of the last two bands. Something is wrong with our recordings and they are coming out really bad so we have just streamed the bands and hoped people were listening.

In short we had a great Valentine's day with The Lizzards. In case you missed dinner we had homemade manicotti with homemade noodles, homemade marinara sauce, 5 different cheeses, and shrimp, smoked salmon and crab meat. We had spinach salad, French onion soup and tirimisu too. All homemade. It was a wonderful meal with family and friends and a great Valentine Day.

In prep for Mardi Gras and Fat Tuesday we had our own Mardi Gras ceremony. We served jambalaya,made with crab chicken,shrimp, Italian sausage and summer sausage. We also had a Cajun Pineapple Salad and king cake. As a topper we had the Deer Lagoon Jazz Band. What a great group and music was awesome.

This week I am preparing for my mystery meeting.This meeting starts on Wednesday at 7:00PM. Rockhopper's mystery club! "We just wanna have fun..." About two years ago I had an idea and although I could not incorporate it at the time, it stuck in my brain. The idea is to meet once a week.We discuss new mysteries, new writers and we share ideas for our own mystery. We can do a group mystery (just an idea) in book form. Once a month or once every other month we can do a mystery dinner hosted by the mystery group and prepared by Rockhopper. We can have fun playing a variety of mystery games. We can even do some mystery readings (open Mic style). If interested e-mail me at or call 341-4420

Friday is our Artist's Co-op meeting.This meeting will begin at 5:30PM and will include free snacks. Rockhoppers wants to do an artist Co-op. Since the co-op in Langley has closed, Rockhoppers would like to offer its space to a group of artists interested in starting their own co-op. For all you artists out there that might be interested... here is your chance to create your own co-op and to put Clinton on the map for it's art and artists. If you are interested please e-mail Rene at or call me at Rockhoppers 341-4420

It's all happening on Whidbey Island at Rockhoppers!

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