Thursday, February 26, 2009

My 15 Minutes...

We all get them, right? Well, my 15 minutes of fame are happening right now on! I was interviewed by Amazon about the Kindle 2.

I was one of the lucky ones, and got to hold it and use it for a period of time. Sadly, I had to give it back... (you would think they could make that a part of their advertising budget, don't you?) But in any case, it was fun to have an advance look at the latest and greatest Kindle reading device!

Kindle 2

If you already own a Kindle, The features on the Kindle 2 are worth the upgrade. True, there's no SD card slot, but it has almost 2 Gig of on-board storage, and unless you're planning on having a mountain of lenghly technical publications, or a ton of music, it should be more than enough. (Besides, isn't that what you got the I-pod for? music?) I went through my e-book library, and even though I've been collecting books since July of '08 for my Kindle, I don't have enough to fill the on-board memory of the Kindle 1!!! And I currently have about 80 books on there, not counting what I have on the computer at home. Seriously, do you really think you need to have more than 1500 books at your fingertips while waitng at the Doctor's office? I read pretty fast, but I'm sure I wouldn't go through 1500 books on a flight to Europe, let alone a cross-country!

Another fun feature is the 'read-to-me' feature. Say you're waiting in line for the Ferry, now you have to move your car, but you don't really want to put down the book. You don't have too, just click on 'read-to-me' and set it down on the carseat while you drive! you won't miss a word!

Forgot your reading glasses? No problem, just increase the font size, you won't need them.

After I was forced to go back to my Kindle 1, it took almost a week for me to stop looking for the handy features I got used to on the Kindle 2! Highlighting passages, making notes, so easy to do on the Kindle 2...

If you are not a Kindle owner, now is a good time. There are tons of books available, not just at Amazon, but on a large number of other sites as well. Some are free, some cost a nominal amount (.01 to 2.49), others cost more ($5.99 - 9.99). Newer books cost more than older ones (hmmm, seems like it works that way with paper and ink books... first the hardback, pay through the nose for it, then a paperback, not so bad, then pick it up at the used book store, cheap.)

Kindle 2 Whidbey Island.

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