Monday, February 9, 2009

Rockhoppers Presents Bayview Sound

Great music this weekend from Bayview Sound. They really know how to please a crowd, and had a nice audience. Here's the video:

Music on Whidbey Island.


ms. kitty said...

Dan and Rene, I hope this isn't a duplicate comment, but I just tried to leave one and got told it didn't take.

Anyhow, the video is pretty disappointing and I ended up taking it off my blog. It's jumpy and blurry and stops and starts erratically. You might want to get your equipment checked out. You're not getting much good out of it if the recordings it makes are so bad.

But it was great fun being with you all on Saturday night and we are grateful that you let us come play!

ms. kitty said...

Yikes, when I read this by dawn's early light, my comment sounds very accusatory, which I didn't mean it to be. Sorry that it comes across that way.

I noticed that Chaz's video is quite good, at least the part I watched. Why would there be such a difference, I wonder.

Thanks for your help in getting out there, dear Schlangens.

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