Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Just Some Catching Up To Do

Helen sent us a link to a terrific commentary done on coffee. The sentiment is wonderful and the story portion is so much like my experience. I loved it!

I have been helplessly tuned into Richard and Sherri's blog as well and my heart goes out to Sherri and her family for the absolute despair that goes with watching someone you love succumb to cancer. For those of you who have not read the blog, Richard was diagnosed with brain cancer over a year ago. He has struggled valiantly with this disease and is losing the race. It has been a very hard blog to follow because their pain is so alive on the page but this is a remarkable couple and family and although I have never met them I feel they have become friends. I hope they find peace.

I recently sent out an invite to some artists on Whidbey Island and I received back a reply from some of the artists and one of them sent me a link to a few blogs that definitely should be of note... The first blog is from Diane Diane is a fellow artist on the island and her blog is terrific. It has some absolutely great links to it. Check out this site on cars! Well, Okay, artcars! I keep threatening to do art (my art of course!) with David's and my Volvo!!

So, I have caught up with a few things I wanted to pass on to you. We are still looking for artists for the co-op and I am still trying to find people interested in doing the mystery club. Let me know if you are interested. Talk to ya soon.

Blogs from Whidbey to you.

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