Monday, December 22, 2008

Snowy Days

I love snow, and I love to drive in snow. We've had snow for a week now. The problem is that today in town, everybody was out. After a week of being holed up at home, apparently everyone decided they had to get out. It was a zoo! People driving like maniacs, forgetting that a 4-wheel drive vehicle doesn't stop any better than any other car on ice! I saw a few near misses, but no serious accidents.

snowy day

There's a snow plow in this photo, zooming past at a high rate of speed. (Look for the cloud of snow) When I left to go into town, guess who was in the ditch at the end of the road!! Made me smile... no one was hurt, and the plow was gone by the time we came home. I'm glad he got my road sanded before he went in the ditch!

tree in snow

The above photo is my world famous Monkey Puzzle tree. It was made famous by Dan, his photo of it was chosen as one of the top ten taken on New Year. ( Dan, you'll have to relate the why and when...) (See the Post Here -Dan)

It's looking like we may actually have a White Christmas on Whidbey this year! The last one I can remember was when my daughter was 5 (she's 22 now!) The weather forecasts keep showing snow. One can only hope.... ( insert music here...Bing Crosby crooning "I'm dreaming of a white Christmas.....)

Snow on Whidbey Island.

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