Saturday, October 4, 2008

A Rafter on the Road


Interesting sheriff's report in today's local paper. Multiple reports of loose turkeys on the road, from September 27th. They were in the Maxwelton valley near Midvale road. No mention of the resolution of this rafter, but the South Whidbey Record did get a nice photo. Turkeys were also reported on North Whidbey, just south of Oak Harbor. Here's the story at the Whidbey News Times.

Neither paper used the correct term for a group of turkeys: a Rafter. Picture totally ganked from the News Times, BTW.

Turkeys are not just birds on Whidbey Island.


Mollye said...

So, what do they call a large group of turkeys?

Anonymous said...

THAT WAS ME! I called in the group of Turkeys, and I was very concerned when talking to the sherrifs department that I didn't know what a group of Turkeys was called. In fact the majority of the time I was on the phone with them, I was telling her I was stressed out because I didn't know that correct term. That is why the herd is in "'s!!!

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