Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Comic Tuesday


Today's comic is a new one to me, but I like it a lot. Beebleville is a sarcastic romp, touching on a variety of topics. The author, Vince Beeble, seems to be also chronicling a pregnancy, his take on 'Weej' and the baby are quite funny. Beebleville Theater

There's a nice archive, so lots of comics to read, but the best part is 'Beebleville Theater', a color, large format, serial version of the comic. With it's extended story arc, Beebleville Theater is an excellent read. There's more content there, too, including posters, wallpapers, and (incongruously) guitar lessons. How about that?

Update: The comic posted at Beebleville today is not necessarily indicative of the type of comic generally posted on the site, and took me by surprise. I picked Beebleville for Comic Tuesday last week, and pre-published my post. Not that there's anything wrong with Beeblevilles comic today, but it's not what I would have featured for a first visit!

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